8 Special foods for the holiday


Latkes are widely seen during the popular Jewish holiday Hanukkah. It is a festival during which the Jewish celebrate an event that is mentioned in their Holy book. The incident has a description of oil. That is why; most of the dishes seen on this holiday are oil-fried but potato latkes are the most popular. Mostly, these latkes are served with some sauce and topping.


It can be described in simple words as jelly-filled doughnuts. Like latkes, these are also popular in Jewish culture. There are also made on the Hanukkah festival. Thus, these are mostly made in Israel and countries with the major Jewish population. These are also fried in oil like latkes. Desserts are mostly eaten on the festival of Hanukkah. These jelly-filled doughnuts may have different names in different places but these are mostly called Sufganiyot in Israel.

Mince pies:

Mince pies need no introduction. These are small pies filled with dried fruits and minced meat. These little pies found their origin in the United Kingdom. Mince pies are made mostly during the Christmas season. Although the size and filling of the mince pies have changed with time, the tradition to make them on Christmas still continues. These are easy to make pies thus children also love to try their cooking skills by making mince pies.


In Sicily and Southern Italy, Christmas is celebrated by cooking more than seven kinds of seafood. This includes cooking of different types of fishes. This type of feast means a lot for the Roman Catholics. Who doesn’t know about the spices and flavors of Italy? People of Italy know how to serve these kinds of sea food in the best way. A combination of different fishes is widely eaten in the above-mentioned countries.


This sweet dish is widely made in Greece where people fast before Christmas and eat this dish on the day of Christmas. These are cookies that are soaked in honey and topped with walnuts. These sweet cookies take some time and expertise for preparation.


Babka is a popular sweet dish made in Poland during Christmas. It has been observed that sweet dishes are usually made during Christmas for celebrations. Mince pies and sweet cookies are made in many places but in Poland, the sweet bread known as Babka is popular among the Polish people. Making this sweet bread is a tradition for many Polish families. The families sit together to enjoy Christmas having this special dish.


Kutya is enjoyed in Ukraine during the Christmas. It is made by using honey, wheat and poppy seeds. According to the tradition of Ukraine, you should eat this special dish after seeing the first star in the sky. This dish has a special place on the dining table in Ukraine during Christmas.

Hot spiced chocolate:

Hot spiced chocolate is used with bread during Christmas in Peru. People celebrate Christmas and also serve others with this amazing dish. Donations are also collected in order to serve this dish to the needy and helpless.

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